Thursday, November 24, 2011

World of Warcraft Nostalgia

Recently I've been getting very bored with WoW, but I cannot find anything better.  World of Warcraft vanilla was so absolutely great -- fun, engaging, challenging, really cool.  I remember PvP before battlefields, and running LBRS and UBRS over and over and over. 

Rags (the original) in MC was a great fight, and getting there was such a lot of work, even tho in retrospect the fights were stupid simple by today's standards.  Remember standing in a big circle around Spazz-ra, and running for the wall when you were the bomb?  

I remember drooling over the new potions being introduced with ZG, and then having so much fun with the new mounts in AQ40.  Of course, that was back when raids were 40 man, or 20 for the small ones. 

I wish there were another game that was half as fun and interesting as WoW used to be.  For that matter, I wish WoW now was half the game it used to be.

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